Interest Groups



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Archeology  Art Appreciation  Artists Artists 2  Birds  Card Making   Computing        


 Come Dancing  Country Dancing  Creative Writing   Crown Green   Cycling  Egyptology   Family History       


 Fell  Walking  Flower Arranging    Coach  Gardening  golf  Guitar Group            

  Heritage  Heritage Railway  General History  Indoor Bowling   Italian   Jewellry Making        Local History

   mahjong Military Whist Monday Walking  Musicians  Music  Photgraphy  Poetry  

 Ramblers  Reading Reading 2  Reading 3  Religion 2   Rubbish  tScience

Short Walks Singing 2  Snooker   Spain  Stitchcraft   Table Tennis   Table Tennis 4

 Table Tennis 3  Ten Pin   Tennis  Theatre  Thursday Walking  Topical Discussion  Travellers Tales     

 Ukelele  Variety Theatre   Wine